In order to solve the problem of having an autonomous food and oxygen supply at a lunar base, Alginity aims to develop a space-grade bioreactor and harvester with an all-in-one, autonomous environment control unit. The extreme demands of space will provide a great starting point for a new kind of bioreactor that can be used (following optimisation) for the pigment market, where the demand for high-value elements is currently undersupplied.
Alginity will present a system that provides food while producing oxygen for astronauts. It aims to turn the astronaut into a user by making its bioreactor autonomous and integrating a harvester into it. These principles can also maximise pigment production on Earth.



“The winning team from Alginity is a perfect example of technological and economic sustainability. Its proposed algae reactor, which is based on existing technologies and expertise from AirLiquide, Airbus, and Merck, provides food and oxygen to support life during deep space exploration. In addition to long-term moon settlements, it could be used in terrestrial applications to feed growing populations or deliver high-value chemicals. The team looks forward to supporting Alginity growing a sustainable business.” – Ulrich Kübler, Airbus & Benoit Chidaine, Air Liquide & Matthias Simnacher, Merck KGaA Darmstadt Germany


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