The EneMiSInFood system is a microbiological safety solution for food produced in space. It uses a highly energy-efficient and compact technology to deactivate and destroy microorganisms that could degrade the quality, taste, and edibility of this biomass. The EneMiSInFood system could be used by astronauts in orbit for the microbiological deactivation of both food and food waste, as well as for microwave cooking in a future implementation. The most important value offered by the system is the compact, energy-efficient deactivation and destruction of microorganisms on space-grown food, which can enable storage without active refrigeration. The technology could also be transferred to energy-poor households/cases.


“Food safety and Nutrition are inextricably linked, particularly in places where food supplies are insecure, e.g. in Space and on Earth.“ – UN World Health Organization (WHO)


Georgios Profitiliotis



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