Since 2016, ODYSSEUS has been aiming to unlock the space business with cost-effective solutions. To supply valuable data for space mining at a relatively low cost, it is focusing on three essentials and related smallsat solutions required to reach this goal: Autonomous guidance navigation and control, secure, high-data-rate communications, and compact propulsion systems. These solutions will also serve the booming smallsat constellation market (+5,600 smallsats in constellations by 2027).
ODYSSEUS’s three solutions will allow customers to improve their smallsat capabilities by increasing their autonomy and reactive ability, enabling fast and secure communications, and providing
compact and modular propulsion systems for sustainable and profitable uses in space.



“It was truly inspiring to see so many people from different ages and backgrounds keenly working on technologies and solutions to make space resources utilisation possible. But there could only
be one winning team. We are looking forward to supporting ODYSSEUS‘ developments in autonomous operations and optical communications to enable space resources missions for the benefit of humankind.“ – Marc Serres, Luxembourg Space Agency



Jordan Vannitsen & Team



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