We’re living at the beginning of a new economy for aerospace industries. Space resources utilisation is becoming a reality, but one of the main issues is landing. Developing non-scalable reentry systems for each mission will no longer be a suitable solution once payloads become massive. The Meteoroid Complementary Descent Module uses a universal magneto-mechanical docking system. It empowers SNC’s Dream Chaser® as a solution for near and long-term landing of samples and space resources for space agencies and companies.
Sample and resource extraction will change our economy forever. The companies that are pioneering this field today need a reliable, cheap and expandable system for landing materials without the expenses and risks of making reentry modules from scratch for each mission.




“Our winner presented a vision where sample return from Moon, Mars and Asteroids will require new capture and return technologies based on emerging space vehicles. His idea encapsulated
excellent innovation towards a potential core component for SNC‘s Dream Chaser® bringing that cargo up and down to LEO and to and from celestial assets.” Lucia Cape, Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville Madison County


Mattia Barbarossa



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