Winner of the Luxembourg Prize – SpaceStarters Award

Maana Electric strives to become the first utility company to service customers anywhere in the solar system. On Earth, the burning of fossil fuels is still the least expensive way to generate electricity, although this has an undeniable effect on our planet’s changing climate.
As the world’s power demand increases by 3% annually, it is pivotal that more sources of green energy are built. TerraBox builds up to 10 megawatts (MW) of fully-functional solar panels per year from the materials locked in common desert sand at a price 60% less than conventional solar farms.
On the Moon, LunaBox puts out up to 1 MW of capacity per year whilst also generating breathable oxygen. Maana Electric aims to power 10 million homes on Earth by 2030 and enable the rapid growth and development of the space resources economy by the mid-2020s.
• Power generation for 60% less than any other solar farm, using a completely emission-free process.
• To bolster green energy production in developed and developing nations, and to facilitate the development of the space resources economy.

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Joost van Oorschot
Maana Electric

The Expertise:
«It has been exciting to see the scope and quality of the proposals, covering a wide range of technologies and solutions in the field of space exploration. For the SpaceStarters prize, the selection criteria included a sustainable business model on top of an innovative technical approach. To that end, Maana Electric convinced the jury with its staged approach to demonstrate its technology and business case on Earth before taking the innovative solar technology into space.»

Uli W. Fricke
CEO of FunderNation and operator of the
SpaceStarters crowdinvesting platform
Marc Serres
Director of Space Affairs
Ministry of the Economy of the
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg