Boost Your Innovative Space Exploration Business Idea Benefitting Earth!


Universities, scientific institutions and associations, scientists, researchers, students, engineers and R&D departments now have the chance to write their own chapter of the Space Exploration Masters success story. Geared towards entrants from all over the world, the competition is on the hunt for outstanding ideas, applications, and business concepts. The winners received access to a leading international network, corresponding data, startup funding, and other support valued more than EUR 500,000 thousand in 2017.

Do you have „The best Business Case from a Space Technology Transfer“?
You are an inventor, broker, and/or represent a company, who has translated ESA or related pace technology into successful business?

Do you have „The best Business Innovation Idea related to Space Exploration“?
You represent a university, are a student, entrepreneur, part of a startup team or a single innovator who wants to contribute to this fascinating area? Business incubation in this respect for a promising and creating awareness for your business case sounds good to you?

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