NSLComm has developed an innovative system for high-bitrate nanosatellite communications. The solution is based on a flexible polymer antenna that can be folded and stored within the satellite
during launch, thus lowering the mass and volume of the satellite and reducing launch costs. The system deploys in space and allows for high-speed communications to a very small ground station.
The system is capable of transmitting one gigabit per second while requiring much lower costs of development, construction, and operation than any other market solution to date. This represents
a 100-fold increase in performance compared to other current nanosatellites and will offer a low price per megabit per month to the customer. The system is perfect to act as a standby replacement
for malfunctioning systems, such as on the ISS or terrestrial communications, awaiting to be stowed and deployed when needed.



“NSLComm‘s foldable antenna on board Bartolomeo will demonstrate new ways of redundant communication between Space and Earth through miniaturised systems. This new technology will be disruptive in satellite communications.“ – Christian Steimle, Airbus Defence and Space


Daniel Rockberger, NSLCOMM



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