Winner of the Luxembourg Prize – LuxIMPULSE Award

Hypernova Space Technologies is an engineering startup focusing on developing innovative space technologies.
The first product line consists of propulsion systems for micro- and nanosatellites.
In the short-term, the propulsion technology provides a new class of affordable and safe propulsion systems to small satellite manufacturers.
In the long-term, it enables in-space infrastructure and services, deep-space exploration and gathering of space resources. Specifically, the technology uses stable elements that are abundant on asteroids as fuel for transporting more valuable payloads.
• Propulsion enabling constellation phasing, orbital maintenance, precision attitude control, collision avoidance and disposal to avoid creating space debris
• Safe and equitable use, and stewardship of, space resources and technologies for the benefit of humanity

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Jonathan Lun
Hypernova Space Technologies

The Expertise:
«Picking a winner out of the 49 proposals was certainly a challenge for all of us. In the end, Hypernova’s advanced prototype of a plasma thruster struck a chord because it is a technology with a proven track record that neatly fits into Luxembourg’s dynamic space ecosystem, including our new initiative. We are looking forward to supporting Hypernova’s bid to become the first commercial producer of electric propulsion engines using solid metal as propellant.»

Marc Serres
Director of Space Affairs
Ministry of the Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg